The Music of A. Carstello Clark


I have had a love of music since conception. I began singing at a young age. At age 11, I developed a love for the world of Rap/Hip-Hop Music -- an affinity which still resounds heavily inside me.

In 1995, I created my first freestyle mix tape and distributed it freely amongst family and friends through the late 90's into 2000. With financial assistance from my mother, as well as music, knowledge, time and software donated to me from my cousin,  Joe Jr. --  and friends Nicholas and George ( members of the hip-hop group I.M.P.E.R.I.U.M.) -- I was able to record my first marketable solo project, Da Lone Gunman, which was released independently in August of 2005 under the moniker RDP.

The resources of CDBaby, a company focused on selling and promoting the music of independent recording artists, have allowed me to enter the world of electronic distribution, i.e., downloadable music. As of May 2006, my music has been distributed to 35 legal music download services. The most notable of the services are Yahoo! Music, Apple's iTunes, MusicNet, FYE's Download Zone and AOL's MusicNow. The CD is also available for order through Tower

To hear samples of the CD, please visit any of the services listed above. You may also want to use these direct links. (

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I am currently re-recording and remixing the majority of my first CD, Da Lone Gunman, to improve sound quality as well as removing the profane and obscene language to make it radio friendly; The remixed and re-mastered tracks will be combined with new recordings from myself, as well as solo recordings from hip-hop artists TNT, Nik Fury, Silent Assassin and Neo (all of I.M.P.E.R.I.U.M.) and reggae artist Rebel Lion. The new collection has been tentatively named, Saints & Sinners, and is scheduled to be released in the early Spring of 2007 under the moniker A. Carstello Clark.

Be sure to look out for A. Carstello Clark Presents: Saints & Sinners in early 2007!!!